• If your agency needs to charge taxes, EMR-Bear provides any easy way to specify the tax rate for each of your locations.

  • To begin navigate to the Billing Parameters area. Billing -> Config. Note the tax section on the right.

Billing taxes

Changing setting

  • Any taxes you have entered will be listed in the Taxes box.

  • To add a new tax rate, click the green plus symbol.

Billing texes1

  • Label: allows you to give this tax rate a name that will appear throughout the system.
  • Percentage: enter the rate here (e.g., 5.03). Do not enter the % symbol.
  • Date Since: when this rate becomes active. You can use this to enter rates in advance and have them automatically appear when the time comes.
  • Date Until: when this rate will become inactive.
  • Locations: choose one or more locations that will use this tax rate.
  • Repeat the process for each tax rate that you need to add to the system.