Billing secondary insurance

  • Once you receive you payment from the primary insurance. To claim it to the secondary insurance go to the Dashboard. Hover over the billing tab. From the drop down menu choose Billcases.

Billing sec

  • Go to the bill cases, filter all the processed superbills from the system. Chose the processed claims from the dropdown menu and hit the filter button as shown in the image below.

Billing sec b

Billing sec a

  • This will bring up all the billcases that has been processed. One is shown below.

Billing sec2

  • To claim the billcases to the secondary insurance chose the secondary insurance from the insurance drop down menu.

Billing sec ins

  • Then chose the process method from the drop down menu. If the claim should be sent to the clearing house then chose that or if its a manual upload then choose accordingly.
  • Check the checkbox that says claim. And hit the process claim blue button.

Billing sec3

Billing tertiary insurance

Choose the tertiary insurance from the drop down menu and process should be hcfa for manual upload. Or if it is a self pay option then you can print client invoice.