• The explanation of benefits gives you the explanation of all the benefits received from the payor about the amount paid or denied.
  • To go to the EOBs, hover your mouse over the Billing on the menu bar -> EOBs or go to the Dashboard -> Billing (Subsection) -> EOBs.


This is the list of EOBs. We have one unprocessed EOB, number 1262.

Use the Eyeball View button to view details of the EOB.

Eob view

Use the $ button to edit the original amounts.

Eob edit

Entering a manual EOB

  • You can enter an EOB manually that you received from the Payor on paper or as a PDF.
  • If you have an 835 file (sometimes called an ERA or EDI file), use the Upload 835 form instead.
  • To enter a manual EOB, Click on the button that says " Enter a manual EOB".
  • Clicking on that button will open up a form to enter all the amounts manually.

Manual entry

If you have a check, un check the No Check checkbox, and enter the check number and check date.

Eob check

If you have a paper copy of the EOB, scan it to a PDF format. If you have the PDF electronically or have scanned it, it is good practice to attach that file to this manually entered EOB. After you select the payer, Attach this PDF file by using the Attached file Section. Having the supporting document attached makes it easy to track down incorrect information.

Eob attached

After you enter an EOB, you can search the billcase number in the search box and add payment to the billcase.

Eob search billcase

Enter one of the search criteria, e.g. the billcase number 1262, and then pick from the presented list.

Eob billcase searched

Once you have the billcase note the white plus signs on blue squares. Use these buttons to adjust the billcase to match the EOB information that you have. We will adjust the paid amount, the adjusted amount, and the client responsibility.

Eob billcase payment

Eob billcase adjustment

Eob billcase cl res

Uploading an EOB(835)

  • Use this form to upload an electronic EOB that you received from the Payor.
  • Sometimes referred to as an 835, EDI, or ERA File, these allow EMR-Bear to automatically reconcile your billcases.
  • Currently this form does not support PDF or other human readable documents.
  • If you need to enter the contents of a human readable file use the Manual EOB form instead.

Upload 835

Automatic EOB's

If EMR-Bear is linked to any clearing house then it would automatically upload payments. It will do an automated transfer of EOBs 3 times a day. Or you can also click on "Download from clearing house" in which case the transfer is started on button click.

Eob confirm