If you were overpaid for service, you can record the refund check information within EMR-Bear.

Entering a refund check

  • From the billing area, click the Money Tab, then click Refunds.



  • Click Enter a new check


  • Fill in all the required details about the the refund check and hit Create Refund Check

Applying refunds to Billcases

  • Once you have entered a refund check, you can apply it to billcases in the system to balance them out.
  • From the the refunds area click the Apply button (with eyebal icon).


  • Here you can see details about the refund, as well as any billcases that you have already assigned to this check.
  • Search for a billcase by typing an ID, Payer ID, or Client Name into the box.
  • Once found select it, then click Get Billcase.
  • Once the billcase is loaded, click the blue + button in the Re Column. Re stands for refund.


  • Finally enter the amount and which claim and EOB the refund originated from.