• The default process method for payors (except self pay) is 837.
  • To create a printable batch: Click the dropdown in the process method column for the billcase you would like to print and choose Hcfa.
  • After you have changed the process method, click the checkbox to create a claim. Finally click the Process Claims button the upper right of the screen.
  • Depending on the number of billcases being processed it can take a couple of minutes to create the file, refresh the page to see update the status. When the document has been created, you will see a claim batch with the PDF icon, click the icon to download the document.

Note: To change the printing preference, you can go to the billing configuration and under Print 1500/UB-04 (HCFA) choose the method of printing you want. To print the form with the data choose "White paper" option. And choose the other option to just print the data.