• To add location of service address, you can go to Dashboard > Clinical > Location.

Billing location

  • To add new location to list, click on* Add location* button.

Billing location1

  • In addition to allowing you to setup the different physical locations for your agency, these values are used when sending claims. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when completing this form.

  • Name - This is the name for this location that will appear throughout the system, it is best to keep this short and simple. For example: Santa Fe, Denver Rehab, Clovis Main Office, etc.

  • Submitter Name - If your billing mode is set to 'Individual Providers Grouped by Location', this will be sent as the submitter name (L1000a NM1). Maximum length is 60 characters.

  • Use this if you have multiple operating names, for example EMR-Bear NM LLC in New Mexico, and EMR-Bear CO LLC in Colorado.

  • Facility Name - Used in conjunction with the Billing Name, this will be sent as the service facility location name (box 32 on the 1500 form). By default it prints the entered location name and address here. You can even enter a new information.

  • Zip Code - Some insurance companies will reject claims if the zip is not 9 digits. Enter a 9 digit zip code.

  • NPI - This NPI will be sent as the service facility NPI (if applicable). This could differ for different location.

  • Federal Tax ID - This will be sent in as the Biller ID (L1000A NM109) on electronic claims, unless overridden by the Medicare ID.

  • Medicare Transmission ID - Sent as the the Biller ID (L1000A NM109) on electronic Medicare claims. It must be between 2 and 80 characters.

  • Medicaid ID - Works like Medicare Transmission ID.

  • Responsible - Enter the name of the person who is the head of the agency.

  • Time Zone - Time zone of the location must be entered here.