• In order to enter credentials for a user, the user has to be granted the "provider" role.
  • Go to Dashboard -> Users or Human Resources -> User
  • Select the user of interest

User roles 2

  • Click on the link Add or remove user Roles

User roles 3

  • You can assign roles to the user here. Click Add or Remove as needed.

    Detailed description of roles are as follows:

  • Admin Admins can access to the system administration interface

  • Front desk FDs can access to scheduling tasks

  • Human resources HR can access to certain parts of the system administration interface related with their activity

  • Biller Billers can enter billing information

  • Chief officer COs can access all reporting info

  • Provider Providers can document into client's charts info

  • Prescriber Prescriber can prescribe and access other notes

  • Intaker Intaker can enter info on the system

  • Medical records MRs can see, scan, route faxes, and produce records

  • Sysadmin Sysadmins can access most of the system but HR

  • Report Report can access all system's metrics

  • Clinical manager Clinical Managers can create forms and administer program setup

  • Tat TAT Managers can admin transportation