• To enter the provider go to user profile by going to Dashboard> Human resources>user. Click on the plus green sign or pencil sign next to provider number to add or edit the numbers.

Provider num

  • Clicking on the pencil sign will open up a form to enter all the details.

Provider num1

The explanation of all the fields are as follows

  • NPI: providers number should be entered here.
  • Group NPI: Only enter the Group NPI if this provider has their own individual group NPI. If entered it will be sent as the billing provider NPI on claims.
  • Taxonomy ID: If required by payor for electronic claims. This code will be sent as the billing provider taxonomy code (Loop 2000a PRV). If the claim only includes fees for the facility it will also be sent as the rendering provider taxonomy. Otherwise the user's taxonomy will appear in loop l2310b.
  • Tax ID: Enter provider's Tax ID, SSN or EIN
  • Medicaid Id: Enter Medicaid provider ID