To enable billing for an encounter, you must have the Superbill model included in the form. (For more information on creating clinical forms see Forms). Look at the models list (Dashboard -> Clinical -> Models) and find the Superbill model. You can see which forms use the superbill model.

Superbill model entry

Note, in our system, 31 forms use the superbill model. Click on the "Uses Link". Note, for example, the Therapy Note uses the Supebill model.

Superbill model uses

Open the Therapy Group Note model from the Form list. Showing the first part of the Therapy Group Note model below.

Superbill model form

When the provider clicks on the Superbill model they will be presented with the a list of possible procedures for the encounter. You can control which codes appear on this list by editing the list of billing codes at the form level. Note the billing codes defined in the form displayed above.

Don't worry, if the provider makes a mistake, you can edit the Superbill before it becomes a Billcase