Several sample models are illustrated in this help section.

Nursing Note

The nursing note model has a form for the nurse to assess a client and make necessary plans for the treatment.

Forms model nursing note

Purpose of contact

The purpose of contact model is abbreviated as Puoc. This model has a dropdown menu to choose the type of contact and checkbox options to choose the purpose of contact.

Forms model purpose of contact

Reason for discharge

The reason of discharge model has form that need to completed to state the reason of discharge.

Forms model reason discharge

Reason of admission

The reason of admission model has a form that needs to be completed when an admission is done. This model has a checkbox with some reasons for admission and a field for other reasons. Choose the reason and hit the update button.

Forms model reason admission

Runaway consideration

If client is a runaway risk list three potential people and places the child will likely run to or who might know the child’s whereabouts:

Forms model runaway considerations