Document Timeliness

EMR-Bear includes many tools that help service providers and clinical supervisors manage the timeliness and compliance of clinical documentation. Below is an overview of those features:

Form Set-up:

In the construction of each individual clinical form, enter the number of the days the form is due from the day of enrollment or approval.

Due From Enrollment/ Referral (days): Enter a number representing the quantity of days for that form to be filed from the client's effective enrollment date or approval date in a given program. If completed with a value, the client's chart will provide visual clues in terms of timely completion of the form. It will remind it on the client file. Note that if this field is completed, a number of days in which this form must be repeated will be required in the “Recurs Every” field.

Recurs Every (days): (repeat after) Enter a number representing a quantity of days in this field. When a number is entered, the system prompts with visual clues that a form needs to be furnished again for a given client (e.g., if 365 is entered, the form would need to be re-assessed every year).