The list of ways to view all the due documents are as follows

  • From Past due forms alert in the client file
  • From clients "File" tab.
  • Document tracking from the Dashboard.
  • Document tracking from the user record.
  • Tracking from the program dashboard.
  • Tracking from the supervisee note
  • From supervise note. (Program dashboard)
  • From the unfinished notes

The detailed explanation of "How to view due documents are as follows":

Past Due forms alert in the client file

  • To view a past due form for a client file, go to the Dashboard, and in the search box search the name of the client.

Document timeliness

  • Selecting the client name or ID number will open up the client file.

  • On the top of the page, click on the link that says "Has Past Due Forms".

Document timeliness2

Past documents in the client file

Search for the client from the dashboard and select client.

Go to the File tab and click on "view due documents" next to patient file.

View due documents

The Client Due Documents screen will open with documents that are due.

Document timeliness2

Document tracking from Dashboard

If you want to track a document from dashboard, Go to Dashboard> My accounts> Document tracking

Document timeliness4

Click on document tracking to view due documents for a client.

Document tracking from the user record [TBD review]

  • To view all the due documents for a particular user
  • go to Dashboard>Human resources>User
  • When you click on the desired user, it will take you to the user information page
  • scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on " View document tracking for user assignment".

View document tracking

  • This will give you the list of all the due documents for all the clients under the user __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Document tracking from the Program Dashboard [TBD Review]

Go to Dashboard>Supervision>Program Dashboards

Program dashboards

Click on the grey Locations button which will reveal the locations


Select the location you need to track the documents in and then select the Provider tab and the provider name on the left of the page.

Provider form tracking

You should now have a view to track documents per provider

Documents per provider

Due documents for all the programs [TBD Review]

You can go to Dashboard>Supervision>All system pending notes-which will provide your with a view of all notes due by provider

All system pending notes

Supervisors note

You can go to the Dashboard>Supervision>Unfinished notes

Document timeliness5

This will provide a list of all the provider with their unfinished notes.

Document timeliness6