Prebuilt Model

Form models, pages, or form sections are the units used to build up a form. EMR-Bear has more than 200 models available and keeps adding them as the need arises. Documentation about each model is provided separately. It takes some time to get acquainted with each model's documentation capabilities. Some models are plain text data entry fields while some others have complex interactions with data in the system or with other models. The best way to understand and fully train on each model is to create a form that has every model on the system and therefore allows opening each of those models in a single environment. Depending on your contract, EMR-Bear provides a Sandbox System for trainees to practice and refers to this form that includes all models as the "Master Form".

To view all the prebuilt models, go to Dashboard> Clinical> Form> Models,

Forms dashboard forms

The following image shows the list of prebuilt models.

Forms models list

The list contains additonal models, not shown.