First, you must create a new client in the system:

How to create a new client

The previous step has left us in the client area on the Demo tab (demographics). Among the other tabs you will find Admin.

  • Go to this client's Admin tab then click on Add Program Enrollment button.

Client admin tab

  • A box will appear.
    • NOTE: To enroll a client in a specific program you will need to be linked to that program.

Program full enrollment

  • Select the desired program.

Erollment drop down

  • Enter the admission date and any other information you want noted.

Program full enrollment referral

  • To keep a client enrolled leave the "Closed On" date blank.
  • Is it important to enter the insurance information in the client file, then you can select the order of Payor. This will make creating and billing a superbill easier for this client in the future.
  • To remove a client from a program you will need to enter a "Closed On" date.
    • NOTE: When you opt to close all open GOI (Goals, Objectives and Interventions) You'll be able to add back any GOIs if they re-enter treatment, but they’ll all be marked as completed.

Program full enrollment end