Appointment play a critical role in EMR-Bear. The appointments are tailored to help keep each provider organized and efficient. Appointments can assist with client tracking and statistics.

  • In the dashboard under the Admin or HR section the provider will need to schedule the necessary appointment types tailored to each provider.

Hr admin

  • Once you are in the Users section you can select the desired user to add appointments types to.

Active user

  • Scroll to the bottom of the user section. You will see Appointment types select the green plus sign to open a new form.

App type

  • Select the Type and form of the appointment. You can also change the color of the appointment to assist with organizing the appointment types. Select the amount of time required for each appointment.


  • You can also use a template to add multiple appointment types.

Appt template 2

  • To set up a template you can go to the dashboard. Under Admin there is a section titled App Type Templates.

App temp set up

  • Title the name of the Template. Example would be IOP. Fill in the appointment type and link the desired form to the appointment by using the drop-down menu. To create the template select "Create App Type Template".

App temp set up form

  • To add addition appointments to this template select Add New Appointment Type.

Multiple apps

  • Fill in the required information. Add as many appointments as needed. When completed select Create App Type Template.

2 forms