• From the User's Record, click the pencil next to Provider Numbers.

Users users providerno

  • Complete the fields in the pop-up window, then click Create Provider Numbers.

Users user providerno2


Form Supervision makes a second or third signature (usually from a Supervisor) mandatory on selected forms. Without the additional signature(s), a note cannot be completed and a service cannot become billable.

  • The system administrator chooses which forms created by a certain User require additional signatures, and which Supervisor will be responsible for those signatures. To add additional signature requirements, click the green plus sign.

Add supervisor

  • From the drop-down menu, select the form to which you are applying signature requirements. Continue this process until all the forms requiring additional signature(s) have been assigned to a supervisor, then click Create Supervision.
    • NOTE: the only names that appear in the Supervisor field are users with Supervisor Permissions.

Users user supervisoradd