• The system applies a secure, electronic signature to completed notes (date, time, user name and credentials.)
  • The user's signature will appear on any printed note or form.
  • Signatures must first be scanned and saved as a .jpeg file (preferably 300 x 200 pixels at 150 dpi resolution.)
  • To upload a user's signature, select Users from the Admin section of the Dashboard.
  • Choose the appropriate user.
  • Click on the link 'Add/Change User Signature'. The link appears below Signatures for [User Name].
    Users signaturenew

  • You can use an image file from your computer or you can create one here. Click on the rectangular area below sign below.
  • You will see a large area to enter a signature. As best you can, create a signature with your mouse in this area.
  • When you are done, select "Create User Signature". The signature is now saved.
    Add sig1

  • The first time a user logs into the system, they will be prompted to change their password and add a signature.

Users user addsignature