• To update a user's credentials, you can go to the Dashboard -> Admin -> User. Find the user through the search box. We typed 'bots'. Use the drop-down menu to select the user.

Users user typebots

  • Next, click on the green plus sign next to 'credentials'.

Users users credentials

  • A window will appear where credentials for the user can be added.

Users user credentialsadd

An explanation of the credentials screen follows:

  • Payor : Choose the insurance company being billed.
  • Billing level: The billing level for the user.
  • Number: Enter the provider number here.
  • Billing provider: Enter the name of the billing provider here. Note: This section is only if the billing provider is someone else.
  • Status: Choose whether the credential status is 'Active', 'In Process', or 'Inactive state'.
  • Note: Input a note regarding the credential, if desired.
  • Effective date: Enter the start date here.
  • Expiration date: Enter the expiration date.
  • Use as default: Check to use that credential as a default.