• Clicking on the children will list all the children under you.
  • Provides the information when the child was assigned to you.
  • Also shows all the forms that needs to be completed.

Updating the information

  • Go to My account to update the information.
  • clicking on change password will allow you to change your current password.
  • you can even update the signature.
  • Other informations like home address, licence number, phone number that needs to be updated should be reported to the system administrator.

TFC subsection on the dashboard

  • TFC dashboard has the list of all the unplaced clients and placed clients.
  • Placed clients are the clients are the clients who have been allotted a home for treatment.
  • Unplaced clients are the clients who don't have a home yet.
  • It also displays form tracking with information about uncompleted , completed or started form with their expiration date, notes and due date.
  • Assignment option creates a report showing all the assignments for all TFC homes for the entire month.
  • The above figure display the Assignment page.
  • Choose the date from datepicker to generate a report showing all the assignments for that particular month.
  • You can click on the excel sign to download the document.