• These templates define forms that a TFC Parent fills out about a specific child that has been placed with them.

  • Use these templates to define forms such as: Daily Notes, Incident Reports, Expense logs, etc.

  • Any form that is marked as required will be presented to the the parent everyday and it's completion will be tracked.

  • Form marked as available for reference in therapist notes, will appear in the TFC Form Reference model. This allows you to create forms that require input from both a parent and a staff member (an incident report is a good example).

  • Untracked forms will be available for the TFC Household to start and completed at any time.

  • All forms should include the Form Signature model at the end. Otherwise the parent will be unable to sign and complete it.

  • If you have a form that is usually filled out by a staff member about a TFC Parent or household, those should be defined in TFC Parent Forms .