• To allow the parents to have access to their forms. In the main dashboard click on TFC parent portal forms.

Tfc main dash

Tfc parent form

  • Add the necessary form and check the checkbox that says yes to allow this form to be completed by a parent.
  • These templates define forms that a may be completed by a staff member, or optionally assigned to a TFC Parent or Household for completion.

  • Use these templates to define forms such as Forms you need the parent to read and sign, Household Reviews, etc.

Tfc parent form add

Tfcp form

  • All forms should have the Form Signature model as the last page. Otherwise the parent/staff will be unable to sign and complete it.

Tfcp sig

** NOTE:** If you have a form that is completed exclusively by the TFC Parent and/or is focused on the children placed with them, those should be defined in TFC Portal Forms.