When someone at your agency created a TFC parent user account, a portal login was also created. The TFC parent should have received a username and password from the agency admin.

  • To login go to http:// [your url]@emrbear.com
  • Click on the TFC Parent Portal and then enter the username and password.
  • After you enter the username and password, click on the “Accept Terms and condition” checkbox and then sign in.
  • You may be prompted to change your password.

Tfcp login

  • Logging in to the TFC Portal will take you to the portal where you input notes about the client (the child placed at the home).

  • Hitting on the Dashboard button will pull up details about all the forms that is mandatory to be complete every day.

  • Click on green start form to start the required form.

  • Also any other form requested by the client will show up on the parent portal.

Tfcp home

  • You can hit the “start form” button to complete the form.
  • The clients daily forms will show up on the right side of the page.

Tfc form start

  • You can edit non-mandatory forms by clicking on the Files tab on the top and then clicking on the “start form tab” to complete these forms.

Tfc files