This works as a list maintanence place. This is where you can add all the placement levels.

  • To manage TFC categories, select "List Maintanence" from Dashboard/TFC.

Dash list maint.

  • TFC categories are used to organization the forms that are managed by the TFC sub-system.

Dash list maint tfc

  • They serve the same purpose as the sections in the emrBear medical record. Category management requires that you map each TFC form to a category name that will be used to group stored TFC forms.

Dash list maint tfc 2

  • When you go to list > Placement levels You click on the plus green sign next to the placement level to add new level Placement levels for TFC assignments. These can be linked to fees to enable billing for different codes and amounts depending on the level of care provided by the TFC assignment.
  • To add an additional item select the desired folder.

Dash list maint tfc 2