After enabling transportation, four new sections must be configured before the transportation system can be used:

  • Fees Schedule
  • Bill Policies
  • Agencies
  • Adding Cars
  • Adding Drivers
  • Users

The steps involved in configuring these sections are explained below.

Adding Transportation Billing Policies

A transportation billing policy must be added to the system before a fees schedule can be defined. To add a billing policy, click on the Billing tab (on the menu bar) > Policies. Then click on the icon Transportation plus green sign next to Transportation Billing Policies to open up the following form to fill out the billing policies.

Transportation billing policy 1

The fields for the form above are explained below:

  • Label: Name for the billing policy.
  • In area code: The code from the fee schedule to bill In area service
  • Out area code: The code from the fee schedule to bill Out area service.
  • Mileage code: The code from the fee schedule to be used when billing miles. To enter the codes with a modifier, leave a space between code and the modifier. For eg: TAT(SPACE)TN.
  • Billing location: Enter the billing location.
  • Out of Area zip codes: Enter out of area zip codes here.

Transportation billing policy 2
Billing policy 3


Enter the name and location of the agencies here which is going to make a transport request. To add agencies to the system, go to Dashboard > Transportation > Agencies.


Click on the green plus icon next to Agencies for which Transportation is provided.


This will open up a form to add new agencies to the system.


  • Agency name: Enter the name of the Agency.
  • Contact person: The name of the person who you are going to contact at the agency
  • Billing policy: Billing policy the agency uses.
  • Address: Enter the address and the zip code of the agency.
  • Phone: Enter the phone number of the agency.