In cases when an egregious error has been made in signed and completed client documentation, EMR-Bear offers a way to allow those designated within EMR-Bear as Admin or SysAdmin users within the system to unsign completed forms. Because this feature should only be used as a last resort to correct client documentation, there is no link, button, or other visible pathway within EMR-Bear that would direct users to this function. Rather, it is accessed by using a specific URL to access the unsign interface. Therefore, we have built into the function a registry that will automatically build a record of each time a note is unsigned, who unsigned it, and why. Note: This feature should be used only when there is an emergency to do it. To use the function:

  • Go to https://(your agency).emrbear.com/unsigned_forms/new

Dashboard unassign pic

  • Locate the encounter ID in the bottom right hand corner of the form.

Form id location

  • Input the Encounter form ID for the note that needs to be unsigned, along with the reason for unsigning the note. Select Unsign Encounter Form.

Form id and reason for unsigning

  • It will ask you to confirm the form ID and also the client’s name.

Confirm unsign form

  • Check the Confirm Encounter Form button to confirm the form ID.


  • The note will be added to a registry of all clinical notes that have been unsigned, by which user, and the reason why.


  • If you want to unsign another encounter form, you can do it by clicking on the green + sign next to Unsigned Encounter Forms.

Unsign another form