The purpose in editing a program is to help enable or disable the different features.

  • To edit the different programs you must first select the pencil icon to open up the different program options.

Program checkbox1

When you go and edit a program you will see a lot of check boxes. The detailed explanation to all the check boxes are as follows:

  • Active?: Uncheck to prevent further enrollments in this program.
  • Skip Reminders?: If checked, Appointments for this program will not recieve reminders.
  • Use for TFC: If checked, Clients enrolled will be available for TFC assignment.
  • Inpatient Program: If checked this program will enable inpatient billing.
  • Enables Transportation: If checked, enrolled Clients can use the transportation system.
  • Treats Risks?: Affects Treatment Plan behavior under this program.
  • Has Timer?: The timer activates client check in and check out.
  • Hide from GOI?: If checked, is not part of the GOI model.
  • Allows Fee Overlap: If checked, superbills will not be checked for overlapping services.
  • Default Patient Status Code: The default patient status code for UB-04 billing.
  • Enable Client Activity Log?: If checked, display client activity log in note tab.
  • Auto-Enrollment?: Clients will be automatically enrolled in this program.
  • Allow notes after discharge: If checked, Notes can be added to the file after discharge.
  • Use for Adoption: If checked, Clients enrolled will be assigned Adoption documentation.
  • Enforce approval for documenting: If checked, Notes can only be made when enrollment is approved.
  • Enables Other Access: If checked, Users assigned to an enrollment can see the Client's other program's content.
  • Allows New Note: If checked, An un-assigned user without permission can start a new note for any client in this program.
  • Delete Future Appointments After Discharge: If checked, All future appointments for discharged clients will be deleted.
  • Assign clients to beds: If checked, clients on this program must be assigned to a bed.

Program checkbox2