• To give a client access to the client portal you will need to setup their user name and password by navigating to the client file, selecting the Admin tab and clicking the Client Access Credentials Button.

Client portal access credentials

  • Once you are in the clients logins window you will give the client a username and a temporary password they will have to change once they log into the Client Portal.
  • The password must contain 6 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number or symbol.

Client portal login setup

  • Under permissions you will want to select which checkboxes your agency or provider wants to allow for each client.

  • Can see appointments-Allows clients to view past and future appointments and allows them to request an appointment in the client Portal.

  • Can see intercoms-allows clients to view intercoms where their the intercom is either addressed to the client, or the intercom is checked to deliver to clients inbox.

Send intercom client

  • Can See Forms- Allows clients to see forms that are designated visible in the client portal by your admins.
  • Can See billing-Allows clients to see their billing and account information.
  • Can see Medication/Diagnosis history-Allows clients to see their medication and diagnosis history.