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VPN Protection: Some electronic devices allow you to download software called VPN; this hides your device from open networks. iPhones have this software available to them. You will need to change this setting in order for Telemed to run correctly.

Anyone can install a Virtual Private Network on their phone or computer. It allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. Below are some instructions for turning off the VPN on an iPhone. I hope it is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. • On the iPhone it can be found under settings. • Click on VPN to go into the VPN settings screen.

Keep in mind that depending on the iPhone the VPN settings may look a bit differently. It could say “Connected” or just have the radio button set to on.

• Click on the name of the VPN software’s info button to modify the settings. “TunnelBear” is one of many VPN software programs people may use.

This will allow you to connect to join the room assigned and not have a black screen. Turn off “Connect On Demand” radio button.

Additional virus protection: For different devices, you can install multiple layers of malware protection. When you have extra or multiple levels of virus and firewall protection, you may experience difficulty accessing certain features for your device. Go into your malware protections settings and allow your Microphone and Camera access. You may also have to grant access to specific sites like your EMR Bear agency.

Most current Chrome: You need to verify that the most current version of Google Chrome is installed on your device. You will also need to confirm that you have permitted your microphone and camera access to your agency site. This will also apply to Safari users for Apple products.

Minimal Bandwidth: There are a couple of things to keep in mind when a user in a place with poor reception. A user will need to keep in mind that certain places may receive better signals. Ex. You may receive better signals in a bedroom than a living room. For locations with less bandwidth availability, a user can reduce the screen size on their device for a better-quality session.

Correct location: As a provider, it is essential to verify that you are sending your clients to the correct site. They need to join a Telemed Session.

Telemed Timout: If a provider logs in more than 5 minutes in advance they may have trouble view the client or they could be kicked out of the session and will have to rejoin the session. The recommendation is to work in real time.

For additional support, please email support@emrbear.com

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