• This is place where you can set clinical rule. You can set a trigger for a particular model, custom model.
  • The rules are computed every time when a trigger form, model, or custom model is completed.
  • The conditions are additive.
  • All conditions must be true for the rule to execute the actions.
  • If there are no conditions, then, when triggered, the rule will evaluate to true and execute the actions.
  • Reconciliation and Lab Result triggers only support popup, intercom, and reminder actions. All others are ignored.
  • You can go and set the clinical rule by going to the Dashboard -> Clinical -> Clinical rule
  • Clicking on the clinical rule will open a page where you can add the rule.
  • This will open up a page where you can enter all the data required for the rule.

Clinical rule

The explanation of all the fields are as follows:

  • Label: Here goes the title of the clinical rule
  • Supporting document: You can choose the supporting documentation here from the drop down menu.
  • Trigger: You want to set the trigger on a model, or a form, allergy reconcilation, or a lab result
  • Condition: Trigger is set for the condition from a form with a value equal to or greater / less than some value.
  • Action: Set the action if the condition is met. Set a pop up or a prompt form, model, reminder or an intercom