About Metric Reports
This reports generates a graphical version of the reports. To generate a metric report hit on this button . This will generate a pie chart for appointment informations( percentage of checked in,...
Appointment Graphical Report.
This reports shows all the appointment history for eg. all the no shows, cancellations, confirmations and check in for a particular period of time. [](bearhelpupload=appointment_report)
CPT Code Analysis
It gives cpt code analysis for a particular time period. It shows amount of cpt code billed for a particular date range. [](bearhelpupload=cptcodeanalysis)
Performance by Payor
This analyses the peformance by a payor. So it builds a graph by payor and amount. [](bearhelpupload=performancebypayor) [](bearhelpupload=performancebypayor1)
Performance by Location
It gives performance by location for the contracted rate and revenue. [](bearhelpupload=performancebylocation)
Provider Performance
This generates a report with the performance of a provider with the number of encounter and the amount. [](bearhelpupload=provider_performance) [](bearhelpupload=provider_performance1)
Clients Per Diagnosis
It gives a pie chart for all the clients based on diagnosis in the EMR-Bear system. [](bearhelpupload=clientperdiagnosis)
Client Encounter by Zip
This generates a report on the number of client encounter for particular Zip codes. [](bearhelpupload=clientencounterby_zip)