Color coding in document timeliness

  • You can track your every client document using this client tracking.
  • To do that go to Dashboard -> My Account -> Client Tracking.
  • This will display Due document information of all the clients with the due date.

Each color in the document represent something about the document timeliness.

  • Green color: Green color means everything is ok and the document was completed on time.
  • Orange color: Orange color means the document was completed late.
  • Brown color: Brown color means the document is not due and is not complete.
  • Red color: Red color means the document is overdue and is not completed
  • Grey color: Grey color usually means expired or deactivated. (document is not tracked).

Color coding in the Client’s File

When to go to a client file, you may see different colors in the file as the following image.

So here

  • Grey color : This means the form is completed.
  • Red Color: This means the form is optional.
  • Green color: This means this is a mandatory form. This form should be completed.

Client File encounter forms

When you go to the client file, you can see some forms that needs to completed and are different colors. The detailed description of all the color meaning is as follows In the above image

  • Green color means the form was signed on time.
  • Grey color means the form was started and is in progress( no computation is made until the doc is signed)
  • Red color means the form was completed and signed late.

Document tracking

To track all the documents that are due. Click on the Dashboard -> My Account -> Document tracking.

  • Red color : Here the red color means the overdue.
  • Green color: Here the green color means that the document is ok and is not due.


When you go to the Billing -> Claims, you can see a file that has lot of colors in it.

Green - These have been sent to the clearing house and does not have errors. Or it is ready for you to download if the claim is being sent manually. Red - Has some errors. If the claim is linked to any clearing house then it won't be sent to the clearing house. Note: Even if one from the whole batch of claim is red then the whole batch will not be sent for the claim. Orange - means still being revalidated and is running in the background. In short, it means it's still in progress. White- It means a recently created one.


The trip tracker in the TAT displays different colors. Each color has a different meaning.

Here in the below image:

  • Red color means the trip tracker had some errors. Either the trip was cancelled or 'unassigned_late.
  • Green means droppedoff , pickedup, assigned, driving success.
  • Blue color means the trip was completed and signed.
  • Yellowish brown color means assignedlate, droppedoff_late, dry run or warning.

Signs and symbols

Yellow star The yellow star symbol shows up in the appointment block if the client is a new client. To remove the new client star, go to client's file and unchecked the new checkboxbox at the top of the page.

Return client symbol The purple star symbol can be used if the client is a returning client and needs new information filled out because it has been some time since they have been seen. It can be unchecked on the client's file at the top of the page.

Male symbol This is symbol to show that the client is a male.

Female symbol A female client.

Phone symbol Shows the phone number of the client on the appointment block

Map symbol Display the address on the map

Delete symbol Delete

Edit symbol Edit

Copay symbol This symbol is seen on your front desk. It means a copay needs to be paid.

Add a record symbolTo add a new record to the system.

To add a note symbol To add notes.

To view details To show details.

Link to appt To Link your notes to an appointment.

Nurse icon This is the nurse symbol. This can be checked or unchecked from the client's file on the top of the page. You can also see this symbol on the front desk if the client needs to be seen by nurse before they are seen by their provider.

Other symbols:


Symbols used in TAT

Wheel chair


Females only


Extra person

Van needed

Pickup sharp

Ride alone

Car seat needed

Spanish speaker

Will call

Wait for client

Call client