• The appointment from which the note was started must be a Group Appointment.
  • There must be more than one appointment in the group.

Group appointment

  • After the appointment is created, it will look as shown in the fig.

Group appointment2

  • All Group Appointments must be checked in.

  • If all the appointments are not checked in then it will display all non checked in clients in the system. As shown in the pic below

Group appointment1

  • If one of the appointments is not checked in, then the group model will not synchronize nor start the document for that client.
  • When the Provider starts any of the notes of the group, the system will do an internal check to see if there are more appointments that need to be started in the group.
  • The system will automatically start all the notes for the group appointments (that are for the same provider at the same time) and display the links in a grouped encounters box.
  • Whenever any data on the "Group synchronized note" is updated, the system will synchronize the content of that model across all the notes of the group. Note: it only synchronizes the "Group synchronized Note" model, not any other information.
  • The provider will still need to write any client's particular documentation, fill each Superbill, and sign each note.
  • The following pic shows the screenshot of group synchronized note.